This breed is a typical griffon, rustic, strong, with a powerful skeleton, very muscular and larger than medium size. Suited for hunting in all climates and on all terrains. Its fur in fact protects it from the water and freezing temperatures of the swamp. It goes nonchalantly into cold, deep water, being an excellent swimmer and a model retriever. Like all Italian breeds it is ancient. In the Renaissance in Italy a pointer with wiry hair was already present and reached us, with much difficulty, due to extraneous crossbreedings performed heedlessly. After 1950 the breed was reconstructed by a few great breeders. Its sense of smell, setting, retrieving, recovering, the close ties it has with the hunter are its innate merits. Its grumpy character contrasts with its gentle and affectionate disposition. It has a great capacity for learning and the desire of satisfy its master most completely. Very sociable, courageous, loyal and an excellent companion. Today the breed is popular not only in Italy; it is also raised in England and Scandinavia. The Griffon has a marked tendency to trot broadly and swiftly.



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From: Italia

Use: cane da caccia, da ferma.