This dog is one of the classic and ancient pointers, selected mainly in the northern regions of this peninsula. It is thought that the white-and-orange variety originated in Piedmont and the roan-and-brown in Lombardy; in fact people spoke of a Lombard pointer (the roan-and-brown) and a Piedmontese pointer (the white-and-orange). The breed has been present since the Middle Ages and became widespread in the Renaissance period. It was held in very high regard by the nobility. In fact, feathered game hunting was an exclusive appanage of the aristocracy. It was bred by the Gonzaga and Medici families; the subjects born in those kennels were sought out by nobles and royal families. A serious countenance, tame and intelligent; docile, very diligent in the hunt; very resistant with its nimble, ample and swift trot. Strongly and harmoniously built with a vigorous appearance, very distinct even in the hunt, head held high, a noble expression. Born for the hunt, it is nonetheless an excellent companion dog.



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Breed's Club: S.A.B.I. (SocietÓ Amatori Bracco Italiano)

From: Italia

Use: cane da caccia e da ferma.